Warhammer + Simplefast + Black Stone Machine

Ζωντανά στην Αθήνα

Κυριακή 8 Δεκεμβρίου

Temple (Ιάκχου 17, Γκάζι)

Πόρτες: 19:45

Πληροφορίες: https://www.facebook.com/events/404379243539528


  • 6€ (προπώληση)
  • 8€ (ταμείο)


  • Le Disque Noir (Θεμιστοκλέους 29, Αθήνα, τηλ.: 211 214 3554)
  • Τηλεφωνικά στο 11876
  • Reload Stores
  • Seven Spots
  • Βιβλιοπωλείο Ευριπίδης
  • Καταστήματα Wind
  • Τεχνόπολη Δήμου Αθηναίων (viva kiosk)
  • Yolenis (Σόλωνος 9, Αθήνα, τηλ.: 2122223623 – www.yolenis.com)


Oι Warhammer επιστρέφουν στην Αθήνα μετά την καλοκαιρινή περιοδεία τους “Burial in Latin America” σε Βραζιλία, Αργεντινή, Χιλή και Ουρουγουάη, για ένα metal live party, με αφορμή την επανακυκλοφορία του ντεμπούτο album τους “Mass Burial”, στο Temple την Κυριακή 8 Δεκεμβρίου! Μαζί τους οι Simplefast και οι νεοσύστατοι Black Stone Machine! Mην λείψει κανείς!


A Modern Heavy Metal band from Athens,Greece. They were formed in late 2011.
They have played until now as a support act to some well-known bands such as the American metal band Defeater and to the Greek metal bands Bio-Cancer, Chronosphere, Exarsis and Sonata Antartika.
They have performed many lives and headline shows at clubs and in many open air and indoor festivals, such as Thrashers United 5 (2017), Rainfest 2017, Hybrid Fest 2017, Wreck Athens Festival 2016, Rainfest 2016, Athens School Festival 2014 & Athens School Festival 2016 at Technopolis.
Simplefast in 2014 released their first EP Album,entitled “CURSED” (consisted of 6 tracks) through AMAdea Music. “CURSED” has received some reviews until now with an average rating of 85/100.

On May 19, 2017 they released their second, 10-track album “Apocalypse” through AMAdea Music as a worldwide release, which 1 month later became the best seller album of the label.
From May 2017 till May 2018, Simplefast performed around Central Europe, Balcans and Greece as part of the “Apocalypse Over Europe Tour”.
In May 2018, they were signed by Sliptrick Records for a 2-year contract and they are about to release their 3rd and their best one till this moment album in mid 2019 along with a new singer, due to the replacement of the past singer Phil Roussos with Yiannis Voulgaropoulos.




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